What will marketers learn from the Census 2011?

What will marketers learn from the Census 2011?

Marketing directors are seeking to capture the attention of the UK ethnic market. Along the way, they are finding hidden gems: an upmarket, well educated audience that responds to brands that speak its language and embodies its culture.
“In almost every brand category, Ethnic consumers are sophisticated and very loyal, if you reach out and show them the relevancy of your products and services, they will stick with your brand through thick and thin. The 2011 Census is expected to confirm rising numbers of diverse multicultural audiences settling throughout the UK, including in the strongholds of London, Leicester, Manchester, Birmingham, Peterborough, Slough, Bristol.
In addition, the research undertaken by the government agencies projects the economic clout of UK ethnic community will rise to more than £300 billions in 2012, accounting for 15% of all UK buying power. “Any marketer who doesn’t recognize the value of this consumer is missing a great opportunity. “This is a great time to reach out to multicultural consumers, if you have the right insight, a strong message and an effective plan to communicate that insight, you can have a very positive impact. But you have to go through a diligent planning process rather than simply checking off a box in your list of media strategies that says ‘ethnic’ campaign.”
A recent Trends Analysis survey done by ethnic marketing agency Mediareach shows that advertisers in ethnic media get better ROI when compared with mainstream campaigns ( almost 5 times more).

Saad Saraf
Think Ethnic

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