About us

The UK has grown to be a truly multicultural country and will continue to flourish in the face of seismic economic and social shifts. We need to acknowledge that migration over the decades have built up a mature and powerful multicultural market that requires an understanding of the cultural nuances and marketing in a proactive and data driven manner.

Even in light of Brexit we cannot deny 20% of the UK population are of multicultural heritage and have more than £300 billion disposable income which could increase a brand’s market share if targeted effectively through the right channels and not just the right communications as we have previously achieved.

Think Ethnic is working with marketing professionals, clients and brands interested in targeting the growing multicultural population in the UK and globally through multicultural marketing. The native marketing platform shares best practices, insight, advice and offers strategies and solutions to engage with the multicultural market in a more culturally relevant and personalised manner.


Think Ethnic is looking for contribution that could be published in our portal. We are here to help marketing professionals, diverse writers and journalists get their voices heard in the broadcast and print media. If you would like to have your article published send a bio and a photo from submit page including your first article submission and if the article is something we’d wish to publish you will be added to the Writers page.