Case Studies

Department of Health

Smoking Cessation Campaign


Tobacco consumption is very high amongst the South Asian communities, and there is also a very high risk of heart disease amongst the male smokers in the community. Within the Bangladeshi community, women are addicted to chewing tobacco and are highly susceptible to mouth and throat cancer. The language barriers necessitated the setting up of language help lines in Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, Bangladeshi and Hindi.


Raise awareness and educate the community about the dangers of smoking and chewing tobacco and drive calls to the language helplines.


The campaign used strong emotional triggers and exposed the stark reality of the harmful effects of tobacco consumption to make an impact and provoke a reaction from the target audience.

The campaign was tactically adapted for the Ramadan and Diwali festivals, as the target community is more receptive during this time to the messages of sacrifice and giving up.


South Asian TV stations

South Asian Radio

South Asian Press

Outreach – literature, leaflets, banners, exhibition stands at community events



Language Press and TV were the driver media used with radio as support.

Spot placement was strategically planned based on peak time viewership, weekends and afternoon

programming to target the Bangladeshi women in particular (amongst whom there is high incidence

of chewing tobacco)

The campaign generated high PR, with the South asian press carrying regular press releases on the

progress and results of the campaign. Specially tailored Phone in programmes on radio stations and on Bangla TV were devised to encourage target audience interaction with doctors invited on the shows, and provide a forum for debate.

Outreach activity was carried out at various community events across the country


The campaign achieved a high rate of success over two years, with calls during the Ramadan period

averaging 1000 a week .


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