How do you succeed in targeting diverse groups?

How do you succeed in targeting diverse groups?

To succeed, it’s not enough to translate a general market message into language. Brands should understand and respect the market’s cultural and geographic diversity and precisely identify the target consumer.

Companies should consider whether they need to reach English or multicultural consumers and the geographic location and country of origin. It’s also important to factor in the bicultural population-consumers who navigate comfortably between their culture and general market cultures.

Consider the example of an Asian family consisting of a 35-year-old male married to a 28-year-old female with two young children. “They wake up in the morning speaking Hindustani or Punjabi, eating Asian foods and listening to Asian radio or watching Asian TV. They dress in Asian clothes and take their children to the temple or mosque and in the weekend send them for language and cultural classes to absorb their culture. “When they go into the workplace, the UK culture begins to dominate. But if Mum is shopping for food or clothing for her family, the Asian cultural triggers become very important.”
“Most importantly, it’s critical to think about the different ethnic cultures and adjust your message accordingly.”

-Multicultural women are becoming more educated, more entrepreneurial and more financially stable. “These mumji’s are challenged with balancing work and family and rely more heavily on brands in creating a loving and nurturing home environment. “However, even though she is open to new methods to accomplish this, she still believes in and maintains many of her traditional attitudes and behaviours. This is particularly true in cooking and child rearing.

Saad Saraf


Think Ethnic

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