Public Health England commissioned inquiry into Covid-19 reveals higher BAME deaths

PHE Covid Study

Public Health England commissioned inquiry into Covid-19 reveals higher BAME deaths

The research identifies major inequalities among BAME communities such as:

  • BAME groups are also more likely than people of white may face additional barriers in accessing services because of cultural and language differences.
  • Bangladeshi and Pakistani background have higher rates of cardiovascular disease than people from white British
  • Black Caribbean and
    PHE Covid Study

    PHE Covid Study

    have higher rates of hypertension compared with other ethnic groups

  • The mortality rates from Covid-19 in the most deprived areas were found to be more than double the least deprived areas
  • Diabetes was 43% in the Asian group, 45% in the black group and higher in all BAME groups than for the white British population

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “This work underlines that being black or from a minority ethnic background is a major risk factor.

There has been a call for the government to have a public inquiry involving all BAME multicultural communities to have a deep look at this problem and come up with solutions to learn from this acute problem and learn lessons to avoid mass casualities in the future.

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