Halal makeup market set for fast growth

Halal make up market set to grow

Halal makeup market set for fast growth

Malaysian cosmetic scholar Abdullah Hito inspected global cosmetic manufacturing production lines with a view to produce Halal range of Shampoos, Soaps and conditioners to certify it as Halal, so it does not contain Alcohol or animal fat. Abdullah fro-Halal Q, said that they monitor the whole process from procuring raw material till the finish product.

Major beauty production companies which had its first Halal certificate 4 years ago is now making 145 chemical deemed as Halal, like facial cleansers, household detergents, bubble bath which is marketed in a growing Muslim markets.

In the US companies like Subways, DKNY and BASF are targeting Muslim consumers, while in the UK, John Lewis offers school uniforms with Hijab and Uniqlo retails a range of printed Hijab, while in France, the French group Bertrand converted 500 Quick chain to Burger King and left 50 branches in Muslim areas that sell Halal burgers. L’Oreal said most the Garnier products it sells in Indonesia are Halal, and in Britain its including Muslims in promoting its range True Match.

Muslims make 25% of the global population, which is $1.6 billion people and will outnumber Christians by end of the century according to Pew research.

Muslim Consumers will spend $27 billion on Halal cosmetics rising to $39 billion by 2019. This is a market that is steadily growing and brands will need to develop strategies to tap into this growing channel.

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