A Trumpet for the far right

A Trumpet for the far right

A Trumpet for the far right

As a CEO of a leading integrated ad agency in London with diverse staff, we are proud of our roots and committed to support and protect all of our diverse staff that are by far our greatest asset and come from more than 22 countries.

The flow of immigrants and talented diverse staff has enriched our society and continue to add colour and substance to our lives. The world is a better place with more diversity and we should embrace it and celebrate our differences and uniqueness.

Our agency looks for bright talents and does not discriminate against people based on their belief and will remain upholding this principle regardless where Europe or the US political mood is. Our principles are people are created equal and we are all one in the eyes of God.

We believe diversity what binds us and is the source of all our creativity and innovation.

Trump Muslim ban has a deeper roots in trying to disrupt peace and harmony between communities and nations, create more hatred and conflicts, and will harm business and growth at a challenging times.

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