UK population grows by more than 400,000

UK population grows by more than 400,000

The population of the UK grew by more than 400,000 last year, according to the latest official figures. The Office for National Statistics estimated there were 64.1 million people in the UK in June 2013, a rise of 0.63% on the previous year.

Just over half of the growth was accounted for by natural change – births minus deaths – while net migration represented 46% of the rise. The ONS said the British population grew more last year than in any other EU country.

The estimates showed the population of the UK had risen by more than the average seen across the European Union, exceeding the growth rate in its four most populous member states.

According to the ONS, London’s population rose by just over 108,000 in the year to June 2013 representing 25% of the total growth because of high immigration and birth rate and now stands at more than 8.4 million, official figures revealed today.

The rise – which is equivalent to half the population of Westminster or Islington – was driven by high migration from overseas, which added 79,500 to London’s population during the 12 month period, and a fresh baby boom which brought an extra 131,000 children into the capital.

The new findings came as national figures showed that the UK’s population is rising at a faster rate than most other parts of Europe and now stands at 64.1 million.

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