Saffron Road and Whole Foods Market : Halal History in the Making

Saffron Road and Whole Foods Market : Halal History in the Making

Saffron Road, an American Halal Company brand, wanted to build awareness and generate sales of its halal frozen food products among an eight-million strong American Muslim consumer base. It formed a partnership with leading natural foods retailer Whole Foods and focused communications on the key festive period of Ramadan. Due to budget limitations Saffron Road used online as its main channel, using Facebook and Twitter as primary tools to engage and build an emotional connection with Muslims. Through anthropological research and social listening Saffron Road identified key websites and influential bloggers, and formed partnerships with these key sites, providing content and digital coupons to encourage trial purchase. It also encouraged online engagement by donating money to charity for every Facebook Like. The results were a 300% sales increase in August, with Saffron Road becoming the No. 1 new frozen product in Whole Foods nationwide. The Ramadan campaign also boosted awareness both of Saffron Road and Whole Foods among Muslim consumers.

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