Learndirect Ethnic marketing campaign

The most successful ethnic marketing campaign for Learndirect

Learndirect Ethnic marketing campaign


The learndirect advice line has been delivering advice and information on learning and careers in various languages for

almost a decade now. Polish is one of the many languages that learndirect has extended this service to. The aim is to

provide the community with relevant advice and guidance to help improve prospects.


It is aimed at raising awareness about the Polish language advice line and drive traffic to it. The objective is to

communicate to the target audience that improving your English is the first step to improving your prospects and the easiest way to do this is to pick up the phone and call learndirect.


Polish students/immigrants whose first language is not English i.e. who don’t speak, read, write, understand English.


You can improve your English language skills

You can convert your existing qualifications to the UK equivalent

You can get all the information you need on acquiring new skills


‘This Could Be Me’ – faces from the community have been used in a testimonial style campaign to create a sense of shared understanding of the challenges faced by Polish people who are trying to find their feet in the UK. It is a call to action based on a simple and inspiring message.


The press campaign focuses on extensive outreach activity at the grass root level.



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