Hep C Multicultural marketing Campaign for DH

Hep C Multicultural marketing Campaign for DH

Campaign objectives:


• Raise awareness of hepatitis C and its prevention, diagnosis and treatment amongst

Pakistanis while tackling the stigma attached to it without causing alarm.

• Encourage high‐risk audiences towards testing.

Health Professionals

• Educate healthcare professionals about hepatitis C.

• Encourage and support them to identify at risk individuals.

• Encourage them to provide their patients with information and advice.

Campaign strategy:

Currently, the target audience links liver infections with unsavoury practices. Highlighting risks in

simple situations that they do not normally think twice about, point out that hepatitis C can happen

to anyone, regardless of age, sex or lifestyle choices. This also dispels any taboos and superstitions

associated with Hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C is a long‐term problem

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