Art establishment lose funding for failing to attract new audiences?

Art Council funding cut

Art establishment lose funding for failing to attract new audiences?

A number of high profile art establishments including the ENO have lost up to 35% of their funding for failing to commission creative work that engage and attracts new audiences declared Art Council England.

The trend of businesses failing to attract the ethnic consumers will grow and will eventually businesses that have failed to reflect the UK diversity in their strategy approach. This is not a new problem and we have warned businesses and theaters to cater for the changing UK demographic and generate new customers.

London has an ethnic majority and other major metropolis such as Birmingham, Leicester, Bradford, and Sheffield, Nottingham are not far behind. But despite all the growing numbers white middle class staffs that are driven by prejudice than exploiting a sales opportunity staff the marketing industry.

This attitude will unfortunately will results in more companies losing sales and market share and some even going bankrupt due to the inability of marketers to spot a golden opportunity.

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