Multicultural community ignored by government marketing campaigns

Multicultural community ignored by government marketing campaigns

A group made of media professionals, community & voluntary organisation leaders, and gatekeepers have expressed their concern over the lack of public information campaigns targeting vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in the UK. They stressed that the government seems to discriminate against ethnic groups in their public information campaigns.

An Asian community source expressed to Think Ethnic the importance of government awareness and information campaigns to people for whom English is a second language and who would benefit tremendously from such campaigns as it is the main source of information from government to its citizens regardless of origin or language barrier.

A recent survey conducted by Think Ethnic of government campaign investment within ethnic minorities showed the government spend less than 2% reaching communities that represents 20% of the total population.

Communication and policy officers at government departments need to understand the UK is the most diverse city in Europe and has more than 20% of the population of multicultural backgrounds, and they need to be considered when planning any government campaign be it recruitment in Armed forces to Health awareness, Taxation, Business and Transport.

It is a duty for the government to reach to and communicate to all of its citizens including the growing ethnic population in the UK and show they care for the one nation we are part of.

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