Meet International Investors and Buyers at MENA Britain Trade Expo 2017

Meet International Investors and Buyers at MENA Britain Trade Expo 2017

British products have long been associated with quality and ideal for export, yet fewer than 11% of British businesses do so. In the wake of the UK’s decision to leave the EU, it is more important than ever for British businesses to expand and explore new markets.

There are few markets more open and willing to do businesses with Britain than the MENA region, the attendance of the key MENA governments at this year’s event is testament to this. On November 10th, hundreds of investors and buyers will be present at the MENA Britain Trade Expo 2017 in London to meet with British brands and companies, keen to discuss collaboration and new opportunities.

According to Department for International Trade (DIT), companies that export see a 34% increase in productivity within their first year of exporting and are 11% more likely to survive if doing business overseas.

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