Japanese Matsuri festival in London

Japanese Matsuri festival in London

The word ‘Matsuri’ is Japanese for ‘Festival’. Japan Matsuri is an event where members of the Japanese community in London can celebrate and enjoy food, music and dance with friends and neighbours of all nationalities.

Much like a typical Matsuri in Japan, everyone participating has a stake in the event: Japanese businesses each provide financial and volunteer support, Japanese traders and restaurants share their wares, and Japanese performers, young and old, show their skills.

The atmosphere of a Japanese festival is brought to London with food and fun activity stalls – so don’t miss a chance at traditional Japanese games, wearing a kimono, or drawing Japanese cartoons on the manga wall at Trafalgar Square on Saturday, 5th of October 2013 from 11am till 9pm. There will also be two large stages set up to feature live performances and crowd-participation activities such as Taiko Drumming, Japanese Dance, a live Nodo Jiman Karaoke Contest, Tsugaru Shamisen and a variety of Martial Arts demonstrations. Let’s experience a Matsuri Day in London – but for Old Blighty’s sake, pray it doesn’t rain!

Some notes on previous Japan Matsuri:

Previously, Matsuri had taken place in Hyde Park (1991 & 2001) – being the first Japanese community celebration held in the middle of a thriving modern mixed commercial and residential area. In 2009, Japan Matsuri attracted some 35,000 visitors, young and old, Japanese and non-Japanese. Seeing the strong interest in the event, it extended into Old Spitalfields Market in 2010, attracting up to 50,000 visitors, whilst 2011 saw Japan Matsuri taking place at The County Hall behind the London Eye in September. In 2012 it had been in Trafalgar Square – the very same location Japan Matsuri will be held this year.


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