Its time for responsible Ethical advertising code to protect customers

Its time for responsible Ethical advertising code to protect customers

This debate tends to rage often about the real role of advertising in tackling society ills and issues impacting us such as (Obesity, Alcohol abuse, Payday loans) rather than creating them.

The advertising and media industry have an obligation to serve and create awareness of our consumers and should not in my opinion do or be seen to be promoting brands and services that will harm consumers and ends making them worse off (Obesity, Sugary snacks, alcoholics, gambling or worse making them homeless if they resort to loan sharks).

It is true that ad agencies think all the time of the bottom line but we have to do our part for the society we live and work in and stop being too selfish. It is quite astonishing how labelling has made us more aware of the amount of sugar and preservatives which some food companies add to food and we need to be even more stringent when it comes to the health of our children, the future leaders of our nation and do all we can to look after their health and well being.

I think that Jeremy Hunt and David Cameron are right to insist on a 9pm watershed for HFSS and this should be extended to the internet, social media and gaming too where the youth spend most of their time these days.

Public Health England should also insist that a food brand should not do more than 2 price promotions a year to entice our kids. Those who break this code should be penalised to help raise funds for a future government awareness campaigns.

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