Engage the Ethnic Market & Millennials

Engage ethnic millenials

Engage the Ethnic Market & Millennials

Three of the hottest topics in ethnic marketing in 2014 have been, Total Market Approach, Ethnic Millennials & Ethnic Mums.

The total market approach had lots debate about which marketing models works best:

  1. Multicultural Marketing – targeted marketing efforts to specific ethnic groups (Asian & African Caribbean in the UK, Arabs in France & Turkish in Germany)
  2. Total Market Approach – one marketing program designed to reach all consumers across general and ethnic market
  3. Cross Cultural Marketing – one marketing program that leverages ethnic markets to reach across ethnic and mainstream markets

I believe that all the above programs are still relevant, but the question is which one will be more relevant in the future.

Looking at the size of the ethnic market and projections across the UK and Europe for this population to reach 35% in 2040 shows that Multicultural marketing is here to stay and proper understanding of this diverse audiences will do wonder for brands that target this growing niche.

The Asian, African, Eastern European are some of the largest groups in the UK and ultimately they are driving most of the trends in multicultural marketing business.

When we look at the Ethnic Market we need to understand;

  • Ethnic Millennials – Ethnic consumer of the future
  • Growing Ethnic Markets – demographic distribution of ethnic groups
  • Ethnic Mums – vital in any purchasing decisions

If we look at he ethnic market, we see them increasingly present in London, Leicester, Birmingham, Peterborough, Manchester, Bradford, and many other metropolis nationally and cities in Europe too.

There are 2 distinct ethnic markets, one for the new minority and immigrant driven ethnic audience in places like London, Birmingham, Leicester, Bradford and Peterborough, and the other drive by native born ethnic Millennials.

The 2 models that are bound to give clients more results are;

  1. Multicultural approach for emerging markets
  2. Cross-cultural markets

In large ethnic dominated markets such as (London, Leicester, Bradford, Birmingham, Peterborough, Leeds, Manchester, Slough, Luton, Nottingham), one marketing program that leverages ethnic market insights to reach both ethnic and the general markets will be more effective. It will be key to leverage ethnic cultural insights and English language will be relevant in this communications.

On the other hand, targeted marketing efforts in specific, clearly defined ethnic areas such as Leicester, Bradford, parts of London (Wembley, Southall, Tower Hamlet, Peckham), where growth is driven by foreign-born ethnic millennia’s. In this market a separate ethnic campaign is more suited for this specific groups

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