Can Brands Make The Most Of World Cup ?

Can Brands Make The Most Of World Cup ?

If you’re a Polish, Iranian, Russian, Egyptian, Spanish, this year’s World Cup will prove to be an exceptionally exciting one. Not only is it coming at sensitive period with political turmoil engulfing the region and the world today. Needless to say, many of these nationals living and working in the UK will be glued to their television screens and mobile phones in anticipation.
This year, brands have an added challenge to surmount: But far from being a setback, this actually presents an opportunity to tap into an already-engaged fanbase: Multicultural population in the UK
Most ethnic audience are very likely to watch the World Cup, with Russians, Arabs, Latinos, Africans and Asians, which makes the World Cup an excellent opportunity for brands to raise their cultural cachet amongst the Hispanic community.
It is a fact that ethnic communities and migrants get significantly more excitement and patriotic about their team’s participation and progress in the World Cup and their excitement is linked to the connection that many most of them feel to the places that their families came from, and which is likely to spur increased spending. And indeed, family is an important element of football viewing with at least a third streaming through multiple devices.
For the ethnic consumers, then, World Cup viewing is more than watching a soccer game on television. It’s an opportunity to connect with family, both in their countries of origin as well as the next generation of ethnic folks. As a result, Multicultural fans are much more likely to be plugged into any World Cup-adjacent content, be it the matches themselves or any related commentary/
The World Cup creates a great opportunity for other big brands (big box retailers, big beverages, financial services, big auto), and allows them to create scale in advertising initiatives. Even though key sponsorships with major brands such as Adidas, Coca Cola, Visa, and McDonald’s have already been planned, there are plenty of other opportunities. Digital is a really important opportunity. If you look at the ethnic audience, it’s mobile-first, and over-index in consuming video digitally. This creates an opportunity at all levels of brand spend to combine content and digital ad together.

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