5 Predictions for Ethnic marketing in 2015.

Ethninnials in UK

5 Predictions for Ethnic marketing in 2015.

This year has been extremely exciting & highly interesting for developing ethnic marketing strategies for our clients. The 2015 planning key themes are emerging which I expect to predominates the next few years.

  1. Ethninnials will be the consumers (Ethnic Millennials) are poised to emerge as the most sought after market segment. Wise marketers who are trying to reach Millennials should consider that 25% are ethnic. Ethninnials are the most active and engaged consumers, spending a considerable time on their smart phones and on social media.
  2. Ethnic content marketing will flourish. According to Forbes $44bln, with 90% of B2C brands investing in this tactic. This reality coupled with the fact that here is relatively little content for online Ethnic consumers who are hungry for relevant online content in English and other cultures.
  3. Ethnic online video will move from nice-to-have to must-have. There is a love affair between Ethninnials and online videos with a number of You-Tubers producing ethnic content that have widespread following within the ethnic consumers. We expect brands to invest more in online video targeted at ethnic consumers and agencies must step up to meet a growing demand.
  4. Social media has enabled Ethninnials and digital influencers to influence brands as they have strong following, which is bound to affect brands going forward. Professional and amateur ethnic digital influencers have a reach that rivals large publishers and delivers authenticity, which many brands crave for.
  5. Ethnic e-commerce will gain steam and is the most direct way to measure ROI on digital investments. Ethninnials are more likely to make purchases on their smart phones and ipads across various categories including: Electronics, movies, music, Bollywood, Clothing, food, entertainment.

As marketers increase investment in ethnic market segment including videos, content marketing and will turn to e-commerce to justify their investments.




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