What can the FA do to kick racism out

What can the FA do to kick racism out

The FA Kick It Out campaigner and former Chelsea player Paul Elliott has resigned from his roles following news that he sent abusive texts to ex-Charlton centre-back, Richard Rufus.

Elliott has just been awarded a CBE at early February for his services to equality and diversity in football, apparently referred to Rufus with a racist slur “The N word” during an argument over text.

In the statement, FA Chairman David Bernstein said: “I wish to thank Paul for his dedicated and unstinting work, particularly in the area of anti-racism. I am saddened by this turn of events and it is with regret that we accept Paul’s resignation”.

The FA must stamp out discriminatory language and actions on and off the field and on the terraces too.  Racist sentiment has been on the rise in England and across Europe in the past few years and lovers of the beautiful game must work hard to ensure that we keep racism out of football forever.

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