Japan exhibition Dazzles UK Customers

Japan exhibition Dazzles UK Customers

Japan exhibition has a rich cultural heritage with many ancient arts and traditions. Almost two hundred years of self-imposed isolation helped shape many of the unique practices and strong sense of national identity woven into the fabric of this island nation.

Thousands of Japanese and English families converged on Hyper Japan 2013 held at Earls Court interested in acquiring a delicate piece of traditional art, or grabbing some Tokyo street fashion inspired fluoro accessories, kawaii accessories and toys, stylishly presented Japanese sweets, traditional crafts like Tokimeki brushes, and exquisite tableware pieces for the more discerning customer.

HYPER JAPAN had many diverse artisans and practitioners who helped give visitors a glimpse of long-established traditions kept alive in modern Japan, including Rakugo, the art of comic storytelling, and authentic crafts from Kyoto-Nantan

The exhibition was the UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture also offered a festival of cuisine from Japan! Japanese food and drink serving up a host of tasty foods, and giving expert guidance and inspiration you need for parties, family meals, and extra special dinners with a Japanese twist.

Saad Saraf




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